Sewing Machines Enterprise from Baby Lock

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  • 10 Needles
  • Colored Thread Positioning
  • TruView™ HD LCD Screen
  • On-Screen Editing
  • Linking Capabilities

Nothing can hold back an enterprising spirit and with the right tools everything is possible. Whether you just love to embroider or ready to start an embroidery business, I know the new Baby Lock Enterprise is the right tool that can help you achieve your goals.

With 10 needles, I can embroider even the most colorful designs. The processing and stitching speed lets me create designs as quickly as I think of them. And, with a touch of a finger I can achieve flawless design placement every time with the realistic view HD LCD screen, and NeedleCam - feature - even before I take my first stitch.

What's more I can even link additional machines together, plus embroider on a 14" x 14" hoop! Now that's thinking ahead!


More details are available at Sawyer Sewing Centre.

10 Needles

When it comes to the Enterprise’s astonishing 10 needles, you can be overjoyed without being overwhelmed. Large designs, multiples, or even gorgeous 10-color designs can be embroidered at a speed of 1,000 spm with minimal set-up or thread changes.

Colored Thread Positioning

The LED lighting on each spool changes to match thread colors and signals when a spool needs to be changed, so you’ll never lose track of those 10 threads.

TruView™ HD LCD Screen

Edit and preview your designs on the stunning 8.5" LCD TruView Display, with 480 x 800 pixels for the utmost clarity in 260,000 colors. The zoom feature will bring designs to view up to 200% magnification - see any design flaws before it’s stitched.

Positioning Made Perfect With The NeedleCam™

Pinpoint precise needle placement for embroidery designs at a glance. This unique camera scans your fabric to recognize the positioning sticker and positions the embroidery automatically.

On-Screen Editing

Editing designs to add your own unique touch - or creating customized products - has never been so fast or so easy. Group design elements together to quickly move or edit the design. You can even see the changes happen instantly on the display screen when you combine, reposition, resize, rotate and mirror your design.

14" x 14" Embroidery Hoop

Need to go big? Then you’ll want the optional 14" x 14" hoop. This jumbo frame is perfect for large projects like jacket backs and quilt blocks. The jumbo hoop is activated through the Palette 9 embroidery software.

Linking Capabilities

Combined with the Enterprise, Palette 9 becomes the command center for your embroidery project and provides the ability to link up to 4 machines together.